Ray enjoys paintball, photography, science fiction, motoring, motorsport, and technlogy amongst his varied interests.

Ray first got the paintball bug back in 1995 when he took part in a employers social club event. The following year he joined the University of Portsmouth Paintball Club where he quickly found a niche position on the full paintball team, quickly being given a team leadership role. After graduating he kept in contact with the club and team and assisted participating in promoting paintball

Ray as well as playing for the University team, has played for a number of teams

1996-1997 University of Portsmouth Paintball Team
1998-2002 Team Leopard and Hired Guns
2004-2005 Team Heaven

Ray is a member of the United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF).

Ray has an interest in photography. He has previously shot in 35mm, and pin hole. With the revolution of digital photography he now shoots using the digital medium.

Currently shooting the Canon EOS 20D along with: EF-S 10-22mm USM, EF-S 60mm USM, EF 28-135mm IS USM, and EF 100-400mm L IS USM.

Ray is a member of the Bureau of Freelance Photographers (BFP).

His interest in paintball has overlapped and has had his photography used by a number of teams and event organisers for promotional use.


  • Basic (UK) - Photography
  • Backlash (UK) - Photography
  • East Coast Irritant (UK) - Photography
  • London Tigers Young Guns (UK) - Photography
  • Notorious Kidz (UK) - Photography
  • Samurai (UK) - Photography
  • Team Under-rated (UK) - Photography
  • Milton Keynes Storm (UK) - Photography
  • Heaven Paintball (UK) - Image and design consulting
  • Rekka Gear (UK) - Photography


  • Dartford 7's 7 man and X-Ball Lite tournament series - event photographer
  • Natwest Southern Paintball League (NSPL) - event photographer
  • Millenium Series - media representative photographer


  • Paintball UK magazine (PBUK) - Supporting tournament reports
  • Paintball Games International (PGi) - Domestic news
  • (website) - montage of images in news section
  • (website) - event report
  • - submitted to support SCC report

Paintball Pictures

Science Fiction & Technology
Ray has an interest in science fiction and technology..

Motoring & Motorsports
Ray enjoys watching and spectating at motorsports events, and has a keen interest in motoring.


A small selection of photographs
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Picture taken from SCC website with me in it :)
Taken from SCC website.  Proof that I do like motorsports ;o)


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